.@Tr1zz – Ashes N Dust (Album)

You wake up one day, looking for some dope shit near you and you strike oil.


I’ve been on LA’s Trizz or a while, and with everything that’s dropped this week, I didn’t want to miss this. That west coast g vibe you’ve either been looking for missing can be found in the 15 track LP.

Everybody along for the ride are left coast mainstays, like G Perico, Rob $tone, Pomona Drey and a few others. If you need something you can burst a speaker on at the gas station (which is why I don’t have any now) or just some extra g shit to add to your stash, def check out Trizz. Nothing on here is without a beat you can just ride to, workout to or just enjoy from a point of view told so vividly, you’d want to believe.

He released a video for the track Slide N Skate a few weeks ago to warm y’all up so you can no long claim sleep.

Check it out below

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