.@GoldnSoule – Rainbow Road (Official Video)

Never fear. (soon to be a fav) Soule is here.


After releasing visuals for STNR 10 days ago, Soule drops his second video off his latest mixtape The Care Package. Rainbow Road was directed and edited by Dylan Fout and produced by The Goldn Collective. Inspired by the old school Super Mario Brothers sample used in the song, the video is a “real life” rainbow road.

The vibe is fun and upbeat, with Soule racing the Mario Kart characters to be the first to arrive at the crib and get the party started. Similar to STNR, showing off Chicago was important to the group, “We got the L flying over us, street art around the neighborhood and the ’30 Days in Chicago’ Red Bull Sound Select billboard (shoutout Ravyn Lenae) to keep that positive image of this talented city going.” says Soule.

Check out below for the video and the rest of the dope ass quote.

Mario also (proudly) rocks a Cubs cap throughout the video, showing love to the hometown Cubs’ recent World Series win after 108 years of waiting.

The entire video was shot within a half mile radius and is sprinkled with everyday objects from Soule’s life (the dirty vans, the Herschel backpack, some Henny and bud to name a few). “I want to motivate people to get creative and ‘just do what makes them happy’– sometimes all you need is a good mindset, some close friends and a unique idea” says Soule when talking about the making of the video.

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