Maségo (@UncleSego) feat. @TiffanyGouche – Queen Tings

Maségo is one of those artists where I can’t keep out of any playlist I create. His music is so good. With his forthcoming debut album Lady Lady (dropping on 9/7) <— my birthday. Maségo has released a new track entitled "Queen Tings" which features Tiffany Gouche. Expect to hear a solo from Sasha (Maségo's saxophone) on this record. Features on the album include SiR, De'Wayne Jackson, and FKJ.

Also check out the stream for "Queen" and tracklisting after the break.

“I Had A Vision”
“Lavish Lullaby”
“Old Age” feat. SiR
“Sugar Walls”
“Queen Tings”
“Just A Little” feat. De’Wayne Jackson
“Shawty Fishin’ (Blame the Net)”
“Lady Lady”
“24 Hour Relationship”
“Black Love”
“Tadow” feat. FKJ
“Tadow (Extended)” feat. FKJ

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