Stallone & Weathers (@Achilles_Hill & @precyce ) – The First Line

We’ve been hearing about this forthcoming concept project, Stallone & Weathers. A couple of days ago, the duo of Precyce Politix and K-Hill releases the first single titled “The First Line”. K-Hill handles the production, while Precyce handles the raps. Here’s what they had to say below.

North Carolina artist/producer, K-Hill teams up with Brooklyn bred fire spitter, Precyce Politix to Stallone & Weathers form the new producer/emcee duo “Stallone & Weathers” based on the actors of the Rocky Balboa/Apollo Creed teamup. “The First Line” is the first release from their debut project, “Precyce Politix and K-Hill are…Stallone & Weathers” dropping in September.

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