.@KendrickLamar – HUMBLE. (Official Video)

5 whole American, black ass days until April 7th.


I know we’re a little late, but it’s been a busy weekend (look out for that JG interview coming soon) and even busier last week. We’re trying to catch y’all up. By now, and even if you haven’t heard, KDot dropped the 4th installment in his The Heart series (where allegedly, he goes at some necks and proudly boasts ‘1 2 3 4 5 – I am THE greatest rapper alive), but what caught everyone’s attention was at the very end where he mentioned April 7th.

It’s been some time since TPABF but the last time he mentioned a date on a Heart freestyle, an album dropped. Whew boy. Shaking up the world with Hart IV and now he’s Mike Will Made-It produced Humble, KDot is cooking.

The Little Homies, along with Missy’s main video man Dave Myers bring you an interesting but still dope video. Take from it what you wish.

Check it out below.

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