.@iitsAD (feat. @BGPerico) – Crip Lives Matter (Prod. by @SorryJayNari) (Official Video)

“Aye cuz!”


So you know it’s a west west or nothing already. A left coast vibe, warning you to watch ya mouth with some C’s up is a record for the set. With strength in numbers, JayNari and AD link with GPerico and JayNari tells XXL how this collab came to be:

“When he (GPerico) started dropping records, I started hearing him out of nowhere and so we got back in touch a couple years later, and we’ve been rocking ever since. Me and AD were putting all the songs together for the album and we needed something really street – something with the older west coast sound. So we made this, put our spin on it with new drums, new tempo, new energy, to reflect the modern day sound of the West Coast.”

Last of the 80’s arrives on my OG’s bday, so make some room for April 28th.

Check it out below


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