.@IvySole – East (Album Stream)

Late Pass. yeah man, we know.


But when we say we’re super duper proud of the homie and the journey thus far, we mean that shit. Straight outta Philly by way of NC, the homie from wayyy back drops her 2nd album, EAST, as a follow up to 2016’s EDEN. It’s an amazing trip through sound and visuality, but we also don’t want to mince words so –

We’ll let her tell you:

“For me, it’s a matter of telling my story as open and honestly as possible and bringing an artful approach. EAST was an amazing experience to make because I was able to tap into a frequency that I hadn’t before and essentially create sonic moodboards to help guide the production process, with Kam synthesizing the vision into the beats you hear. The creative direction was a collaborative effort between myself and designer Shakeil Greeley, and the album art and accompanying animations were crafted by Gabrielle Patterson.”

Check it out down below. Flourish, lil homie!


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