.@jswisshere feat. @Marcus__Machado & @dasanahanu – Famous

Produced by M.Drix. Mixed & Mastered by Brian Kidd. Bass by Lez Lemon.

“Notorious no rap contract/ Shoot you with your back turned no eye contact.”


Peace, hope all is well with you both! Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner. Their names have reached the notoriety of some pop stars, but sadly for all the wrong reasons. That’s the premise behind the fiery new single “Famous”, a potent submission to a conversation that sounds as loud today as ever in the history of the United States.

“Famous” is an exciting first recorded collaboration between myself and producer/musician Marcus Machado (also under the producer pseudonym M.Drix). Machado is one of the most exciting, rising guitarists on the scene who has worked with the likes of Robert Glasper, Pete Rock, and Jamie Lidell. It also features the talented spoken word artist Dasan Ahanu.

The concept is a new take on an issue that has existed for decades and has become a hot topic during the past several years as documentation of police brutality has become more accessible. Artists expected to reflect the times, have publicly lent their voices to the discussion through social media and protest songs. But as a person who doesn’t waste words, on public platforms I’ve kept relatively quiet on the subject until I could contribute something new and of value to the conversation.

Check out “Famous” after the break.

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