Defacto Thezpian (@SchnozGod) – Questions (Yesterday’s Affairs)

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Defacto Thezpian is one of the most consistent artists in North Carolina. After releasing the video for the ode to Defacto’s appearance with the Facts About Bob release “OKC“. Defacto is back with a brand new single entitled “Questions (Yesterday’s Affairs). Over some J-MAC production, the Durham based emcee has one question. What’s with all of these questions? The song also features singer Dorian Marquis, and is mixed & mastered by Brian Kidd.

As always, you can vote for Facts About Bob for “Best Hip Hop Group” at the Carolina Music awards here.

Check out the single after the break.

One response to “Defacto Thezpian (@SchnozGod) – Questions (Yesterday’s Affairs)

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