.@LJackPower – Darkness Brim (EP)

North Carolina emcee Lena Jackson is back in the studio and working on her forthcoming EP, Darkness Brim. I’m a fan of her music so it’s only right to post artists we’re fans of. A couple of days ago Lena Jackson released the single “End Of The Tunnel” featuring Maestra. The P.A.T Junior produced track touches various topics that most people can relate to. The EP is set to be released on March 30th.

Lena’s goal with her upcoming “Darkness Brim” [EP] is to display her verbal skill-set on darker topics not typically discussed in mainstream hip-hop, issues such as poverty, domestic violence and mental illness. “End Of The Tunnel” is a laid back hip-hop sanguine of despair and hope, laced with intense bars about fear and heartbreak, featuring Maestra. She delivers lyrics and mellifluous melodies, while production is handled by P.A.T. Junior. “Darkness Brim” EP is out March 30th, with a guest appearance from Precyce Politix. #lenajackson #maestra #endofthetunnel #darknessbrim

ACE UPDATE: You can stream the EP Darkness Brim after the break.

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