.@itspacdiv – First Baptist (Album Cover & Tracklisting)+ “Stoked”

Mibbs, Like and BeYoung are back. Last week the trio released the track “First Baptist”. Today, Pac Div have announced the brand new album, First Baptist and a new single. The LIKE produced “Stoked” serves as track two on the forthcoming album. Producers on the album include DJ Dahi, Swiff D, LIKE, Esta, and more. Album available April 13th, 2018.

Pre order the album here. Tracklisting & “Stoked” can be found after the jump.

1. “Players of the Year”
2. “Stoked”
3. “Apt 10”
4. “Time Will Tell”
5. “Gorgeous”
6. “Circle”
7. “No Fux Given”
8. “Hate to Love it”
9. “5 Dolla Bill”
10. “Summertime Fine”

Via, XXL.

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