.@jswisshere – The Truth (prod. Optiks)

A couple of days late on this submission but it doesn’t change the quality of music JSWISS continues to flood our email. The NYC artist is back with a new track entitled “The Truth”. JSWISS continues to keep the great music going along with the live instruments included in this Optiks produced track. Bass by Lez Lemon and Trumpet by Matt Giella. Mixed & Mastered by Brian Kidd. Sidenote: Me and JSWISS need to get back into the lab again.

Overall “The Truth” refers to me as the “real deal” as far as skills and also the truth that I give you in every song, even when it’s just lyrical exercise. It also connects to the theme “Awthentic” that I use to describe both my music and fan base, which both proudly embody the idea of being uncompromisingly yourself.

Check out the track after the break.

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