.@_acedizzyflow’s “(My)Top 5 R&B Albums/Mixtapes/EPs Of 2017”

If you know me, I listen to mostly r&b music. Sometimes rap can be too much and introverts like myself like to indulge into r&b tunes and relax. There has been a lot of great albums that were released this year, but I have MY FAVORITE R&B ALBUMS (that includes EPs).

Number 5: SiR -Her Too – EP

Everything about this EP was just what I needed at the time. Even though I got on to the TDE signee’s music late, I did go back and do research. From the opening track “New LA” to one of my favorite songs on the album “Ooh Nah Nah” featuring Masego. I wish we would’ve gotten a video for that single, but the audio continues to be in rotation at times. The EP’s first single, “W$ Boi” was what I first heard from the Inglewood crooner. Also there has been confirmed rumors of the SiR & 9th Wonder project too. Hope we get to hear this in 2018.

Number 4: PARTYNEXTDOOR – Colours 2 (EP)
PARTYNEXTDOOR dropped this 4 track EP out of nowhere and it was short, simple and right to the point. Sometimes less is better and in this case it was great. From the opening “Peace Of Mind” it gave me feels from the last COLOURS project he released. You gotta be in a mood to listen to this EP and I just happened to be in the right mood when this dropped. “Freak In You” was later remixed by Aubrey but it wasn’t touching the OG version. Hopefully in 2018 we’ll continue to hear this quality type of music from the singer/songwriter out of the OVO camp.

Number 3: Syd – Fin

A featured member of one of my favorite collectives, The Internet. Syd gave us a solo project at the top of the year that most of us were waiting for. The project Fin was led by the bouncy beat “All About Me” and I was immediately hooked. “Body” is also another one of those bedroom bangers that Syd’s voice just commands action. I love this album.

Honorable Mentions. Kelela – Take Me Apart, dvsn – Mood, Sabrina Claudio – About Time

Number 2. Eli Sostre – Sleep Is For The Weak.

This album was one of those albums I was anticipating and it exceeded surpassed those exceptions. The Brooklyn singer/songwriter has a style that continues to grasp my ear and listen to everything that’s released. I randomly came across his music during the “Still Up All Night” album, and I heard “Vibe With”. Immediately went and bought the album. Sleep Is For The Weak has more content from the last album, and the growth is there with the music. “Basics”, “Let You Go”, “New Addy”, and “When The Night Comes” are my absolute favorites I add to any playlist I make.

Number 1. Daniel Caesar – Freudian

It’s something about Toronto and the music. Daniel Ceaser has had one incredible year, and also releasing a great body of work with Freudian. One of the tracks that stood out to me was “Get You” featuring Kali Uchis. The album was produced entirely by Matthew Burnett Jordan Evans. Features included H.E.R., Syd and more. This album always made the mood that much better and the feeling just right. You can debate me all day but you can’t deny the talent and hard work that went into this album.

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