.@Eminem – REVIVAL (Stream)

Top 5, cant take you serious if you say otherwise.


Marshall the whole Mathers dropped his long awaited album Revival with a few familiar features (P!nk, Ed Sherean, Khalani, BEYONCE?!). While the internet lauded it as one of his best efforts, a lot of things were noticed and went fling on this album; he apologized to Kim (yes, that Kim), spoke about the 2007 overdose that almost claimed his life, and tried out a few different flows.

He said this album is something he’d been working on for over a year, and that this is where he is an artist. I plan on doing an in depth review due out tomorrow, but there are political themes as well as grown up ones. Dare we say Slim Shady is gone? There’s a peak or two on the album, but you’ll see in the review.

In the meantime, form your own opinion and welcome back a Top 5.

Check it out below

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