.@NipseyHussle – Rap Niggas (Official Video) + Victory Lap Artwork & Release Date

Y’all, this right here?


I’ve been to the brick and mortar Crenshaw store, the Buffalos, and damn near everything on that block Nip got money in to support the neighborhood – and that’s not even my damn neighborhood.

So when Rap Niggas dropped, I was like “Yay, new Nip” and then it went on to AS THE FIRST SINGLE FROM VICTORY LAP?! WHICH COMES OUT BLACK PANTHER WEEKEND?! Feb 16th if you still haven’t marked your calendars.

Oh, we in here. All I know is I have two things that I’m looking forward to that weekend means we still need to have an intact economy and theaters, so business as usual. I think I might take that day off.

Check out the video and artwork under the jump

And look who in the video :/


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