NQM Submission: @CayeTitty – Top Shelf

Bawston, whatitdue?


Check it out how it came about and get your ear up on game. A little more is under the jump so get ready to bungee.

Caye explains, “Top Shelf came together during our most stressful week of school, finals week. I was in my dorm room, unable to focus and procrastinating with my school work. I kept daydreaming about those sunny summer days where you just chill and enjoy life. So when you bump this track, grab a drink from the Top Shelf and savor the carefree times.”

We’ve all been there. Check the bop out and keep an ear out.

Born and raised in Boston, Caye became a talented multi-instrumentalist at an early age. His fondness for a variety of genres (from Jazz to Hip-Hop and everything in between) melted with his skills on the piano (age 2), drums (age 10), guitar (age 12) and favorite instrument the steel pan. This set the stage for the essence of his music: smooth verses and seductive production.

The 20-year-old entered USC Thornton School of Music’s Pop Music Program during the Fall of 2016 and has already created a buzz for himself on the college circuit with over 10 Million streams combined on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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