.@whokr – The Intermission (EP)/Party (Official Video)

Late pass; tardy to the party.


KR has been on my radar since I’ve been out here and that’s largely due to when I heard Play My Shit. The way music is, when you’re thinking about someone and haven’t heard from them in a while, they’re on their way back. Enter KR.

In conjunction with his new EP, KR also shared a new visual for “Party.” “I was encouraged to display a visual showing the different types of encounters I’ve had with women; all in one setting” KR states. “From being the guy who is not cool enough, all the way to getting a smoothie poured on my head, I’ve experienced it all. I realized later that I’ve actually attracted more women when I show no interest in them; which is kind of confusing.”

There’s more, his EP and the video for Party in the cut.

Check it out below

says KR:

On the cusp of his debut movie role starring alongside Halle Berry and Daniel Craig in the upcoming movie drama Kings (the movie is centered around a foster family in South Central and set a few weeks before the city erupts in violence following the Rodney King trail) which will be released winter, KR delivers his new EP, The Intermission, which will be released on 9-8-17 and was exclusively premiered by Billboard. “With this project I really wanted to show my versatility as an artist” KR commented to Billboard. “I enjoy making different types of music, for different types of people that can be enjoyed in any type of setting. I feel with each song I wanted to display a different part of myself that I can’t normally display in any other artistic medium. I’ve always used music as a getaway from my real life struggles and problems. And I hope when other people hear this project they can relate and understand what I’ve been through and find a piece of them in myself.”

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