BRING IT BACK: @DaveEast (feat. @BeanieSigelSP) – The Real Is Back (Official Video)

*Paranoia: A True StoryOut NOW. Circle back around to My Dirty Little Secret next.
One time for the big homie with the even bigger homie.

Dave East has always been a favorite here, and now he’s linked up with Mac to visualize a cut from 2016’s Kairi Chanel. He says he’s ready for his next one, with over 40 something in the can, ready to go.

Check out a blurb from East to Noisey on how he linked with Beans as well as the video down below

“That was like a dream come true for me because Sigel is one of my top three favorite rappers of all time. I grew up on Beans,” says East, “just to be able to be in the same room. He gave me a lot of game that night. We both Muslim so that was another level of respect. It was beautiful man. That whole thing let me know I’m still on pace to be where I need to be.”


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