.@MackWilds To Release ‘AfterHours’ Mini Series

Stay creative, y’all.



“…wanna be Michael from The Wire til they realize Michael’s just an actor from The Wire” Mack Wilds has returned to music with the release of his sophomore LP, AfterHours. Everybody’s seems to be getting a tad more creative with wrapping projects in general, and it’s great that Mack has decided to release a mini series (ala a soundtrack) to the project. He’s fresh from wrapping up VH1’s The Breaks and if we’re talking music, I’m def a fan of Explore.

He dropped the news on his IG, which you can find the post with all the info below. I have AfterHours and plan on giving it a thorough listen this weekend, so I’ll be around to compare notes if you’re interested.

Check it out below




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