.@OGMaco – For Logic Fans aka The Internet (A Song For @KOFromATATF)

Y’all started early today, you hear me? I woke up around 3 and the whole French Montana situation was already taking off and now, OG Maco is going directly at Lil Bobby Logic.


I’m laughing for a personal reason but that doesn’t take the fact that Logic has a fan base he’s tapped into who are anxiously awaiting his upcoming Everybody. OG Maco doesn’t care. One Eyed Willy Maco let it be known whom he was addressing, especially in a scathing series of tweets.

Are y’all fans of Logic? How do you feel about the track? Disclosure: I can’t name one OG Maco or Logic song so…but hey, everybody’s a rapper.

Check it out below



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