.@KillaKyleon – Killing Over Jays (Prod. by @CoryMoMusic)

I’ve been wondering where Kyleon was, and well, he’s about to be everywhere tomorrow.

Killing Over Jays Artwork Final.jpg

Taking a moment to honor the late Dr. Martin The Luther King, Killa Kyleon plans on releasing his Lorraine Motel EP worldwide April 3rd, but drops off a Cory Mo (Ain’t Nobody Trippin’) produced Killing Over Jays. You can see what Killa Kyleon had to say about how this all came to be in the jump. Stay woke, y’all.

Check it out below 

“The Lorraine Motel project is directed at what’s going on in today’s society within the black community as a whole” Killa Kyleon states.  “It’s not a one sided commentary, it deals with  the treatment people of color have been receiving from law enforcement and how we are programmed and influenced by social media, television and the culture of Hip-Hop to treat each other as well. As a race and culture, we need to stand together, but also take accountability for our actions.  I feel the black American dream and ideal died when MLK was murdered in Memphis (at the Lorraine Motel). So I created this conceptual project as an analogy of today’s climate in America. We all (African Americans) died that day at the Lorraine Motel. Barack Obama is the last of one of our strongest black leaders to lead us as a race. The Lorraine Motel project focuses on events (both past and current) that have taken place since that fatal day.”


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