.@JIDsv – The Never Story (Album Stream)

Had to get through a few things, y’all, but we’re always on time. Especially Daylight Savings.


Up next is ATL spitter, newest Dreamville signee JID. One of my buddies sent me the album (in case I hadn’t heard already) a few days ago and I told him it’d go up. But moreso, we’re looking to curate and hang up pieces of work instead of pick and roll, give and go.

An impressive first outing, The Never Story shows the range and flow over deep production and a unique voice, with tracks that stand out like EdEddnEddy, 8701 with ATLien 6LACK, Somebody and much more.

12 tracks with production from J. Cole on a few with some SV favorites, JID’s debut is worth the listen and addition to your rotation, no matter the genre you most feel connected to; he’s got a bit of it all. *Lauder is also a stand out, so be sure to spend some time once you make it to 12.

Check it out below


JID – The Never Story

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