WATCH: @RussellSimmons Explains Why He’s “Too Old To Die Young” (Video)

I honestly feel some type of way (GOOD way) at times whenever I see something relating to Russell Simmons. What an awesome, crazy, wild and bucket list crossing time that was.


I meant it when I said Mass appeal was a theme. After finding the Boldy video, I saw this and had to share it; MA started a docu-series yesterday, sitting down with some of hip hop’s biggest influences and getting a day in the life. And yeah, that’s…pretty accurate.

Truth be told my time around that office built a lot of things. He’s a life changer, man. Check out the full video below.

In the first episode of the new series, media O.G. Ill Bill aka Ill Badler aka Bill Adler catches up with creative entrepreneur Russell Simmons, a founder of Def Jam, Phat Farm, Global Grind, and countless other cutting-edge pop culture brands.

“That’s what age gives you—wisdom,” shares the hip hop legend and former late-night drinker who now touts the virtues of morning meditation. “You’re always moving towards this enlightenment thing.”

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