.@TheGreatKhalid – American Teen (Album Stream)

There’s so much talent out here, man.


I can’t lie; I LITERALLY only came across Khalid’s Soundcloud recently and lost my damn mind. So, I asked and received (…before today) the debut and it’s everything. I sat and listened in it’s entirety and the 19 year old from El Paso captures that period in time we all miss. Young, dumb, broke, in love and worried about the world while not having a care in it serves as a soundtrack to escapism and from such a young soul.

Synths, waves and a unique approach sets Khalid’s project out from the gate and his peers. 15 tracks captures what feels like a spring or summer dream from (young) love, (young) partying, (young) life, and even (young) technology. A few tracks that stand out (to me) are Location, Saved and a few others that take you back to a time and a place.

Well, enough from me and not (yet) enough from the man himself. Check the album out under the cut.

Support Khalid and grab the album here

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