.@trvisXX, @LILUZIVERT, & @QuavoStuntin – Go Off

The Souf just…we ain’t, aint we?


As much as y’all complain, y’all complain and still you dabbed. You complain and still eat rap snacks. I do it too, but I’m just real about it but moreso, my musical love affair with Migos (and y’alls pony boy Quavo) It’s a process. It’s just a apart of the groove, the wave and the way. But Travis Scott links up with Quavo and Lil Scuse Me Vert to bring the first offering from the upcoming 8th (meaning 7 more before it, whew) installment of Universal’s hit series, Fast & The Furious. This go ’round, we’re looking at the Fate of the Furious.

More to come with loads of features on the soundtrack I know y’all can’t wait to get to but check this one out under the jump.

2 responses to “.@trvisXX, @LILUZIVERT, & @QuavoStuntin – Go Off

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