LISTEN:@ethika’s RGB Mixtape

Told y’all earlier. Stop doubting my flex.


Not that I actually have one, or it, but this is the mixtape I mentioned earlier in Meek Mill’s new banger King. Along with Milly, you’ve got Lil Durk, Ace Hood, Dave East and more. It’s a great combination (as is RBG…learn your colors, mane) and something to ride out to.

Check out more info on the project overall and the concept down below.Everybody on here has their own draws, spoiler.

This is a process by which three different colors, Red, Green, and Blue, are mixed together in order to form thousands of colors and bring life to images, digital media, tv screens, and more. Standing alone, these colors are simply one dimensional; but when combined together, they become magical and give life to everything we see.

This concept resonated with us and the RGB Mixtape project was born. Simply put, bringing together our Ethika Familie of Hip Hop Artists combined with exclusive Signature Ethika Product to create a body of work that is much better as a whole than any individual parts.

Each artist was not only able to express themselves through their music on the mixtape, but also through the design of their Signature Ethika pairs.


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